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The General Manager of ECMP founded at the end of 2011 the company Processanalytic Engineering GmbH (PAE). This way he responded to the demand for competent and reliable after sales support.

In February 2012 Mr. Helmut Gronau became Managing Director of PAE. The sector Engineering became a focal point of the corporate activities and included the preparation of professional project documentation. New contracts for equipment maintenance were concluded with a number of clients. This approach contributed over the years to a significant business growth. During the fiscal year 2015 a substantial share of the business revenues was invested in modernization of the infrastructure and at the beginning of 2016 both companies, ECMP and PAE, moved into a new corporate building.

Further optimization of the business activities followed in October 2017, when PAE was taken over by ECMP. Helmut Gronau was appointed together with Rudi Alt as second director of the merged company. At the same time, he was authorized to manage on his own the business unit “Technical Services”, including the overall sales support.

In January 2018 the business unit “Technical Services” was transferred to a new location. A modern workshop of 100m² and additional office space of 30m² was rented in the ARED Industrial Park, in Leobersdorf, enabling further growth of the company for the years to come.

In January 2019, the shares of ECO Monitoring a.s. in ECMP were acquired by Rudi Alt. Today, ECM Processanalytic GmbH is a 100% privately owned Austrian company. Our team will continue to conscientiously fulfill its mission, to provide state-of-the-art technologies, along with professional expertise and reliable support.

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