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Dear Sirs,

We would herewith like to present the new Sunset Laboratory Autoloader – Model AL50. This desktop device has been developed as a supplement to the widely used OC/EC Laboratory instrument from Sunset. The AL50 enables pre-loading of up to 36 samples into a specially designed tray prior to the automatic, unattended execution of OC/EC analysis. Two separate trays are included in the scope of delivery. This way preloading of the filter samples can be realized during an analysis cycle.

Upgrading of your existing OC/EC Laboratory Instrument with a new Autoloader will noticeably increase the number of samples that can be analyzed during a 24-hour period while the involvement of personnel will be minimized.

Sunset Laboratory Instruments of the last generation feature automatic flow control valves. The Autoloader can be retrofitted to these versions of OC/EC Lab Instruments without any restrictions. Older Lab Instruments must first be upgraded with the option AVU-5000 (Automatic Flow Control Bar).

We would like to offer this information to users of Sunset Laboratory OC/EC instruments, who are interested in higher work efficiency with less involvement of their laboratory personnel. The AL50 is a state of the art device that will set the standard in OC/EC analysis to a new level.

Information about price and lead time for the model AL50 is available on request.

Yours sincerely,

Dipl. Ing. Rudi Alt

ECM Processanalytic GmbH

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