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The history of the ECM Group goes back to the year 1991, when US-investors, who were interested to enter the emerging market of East Europe, founded in Bratislava together with Slovak partners the Joint Stock Company

    The ECM Group is today a network of twenty subsidiaries and affiliated companies, which are based in Central & East Europe. Teaming worldwide leading vendors of analytical equipment, the ECM Group offers analysers and instrumentation as well as turn key solutions - for monitoring of gases, liquids and particles.

The foundation of
ECM Processanalytic
    on January 26th, 2009  was a new milestone of the ECM Group expansion. 

    The mission of the new affiliated company is to cover the market of Austria and South East Europe. This way, the supply of ‘state of the art’ environmental and process monitoring equipment to these countries shall be completed with professional expertise and application knowhow.
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